Thursday, 8 July 2010

Peas - or not!

My first row of peas are almost finished. I've had a good crop and the few my daughter let me eat were really sweet and juicy.

So I'm inspecting my second row of peas to see how they're coming along.

"They're a different variety," says my friend who has called round to check out what I'm growing.

"Yes they are," I say. "Well I bought the first lot already started off from the local hardware store and I grew the second lot from seed."

In fact I bought these seeds loose in the same place I got my pick and mix early potatoes (which makes things quite interesting because I never know exactly what I'm going to find when I dig up a plant).

"Are you sure they're not mangetout?" she says.

I look again.

The pods are very flat. In fact they don't seem to be fattening up at all. Actually she has a point. They do look an awful lot like mange-tout. I break one off and take a bite.

Mmm. I think they are mange tout.

Maybe I should have looked at bit closer at what I was buying. Not that I'm complaining. I like mangetout.

But somehow I'm going to have to break this to the sprog who's expecting a second row of peas!


  1. Mange Tout sounds posh! Tell your lovely child it's posh french peas! :-)

    Well I fell for that when I was erm.. knee high to a grasshopper!

    Take care

  2. My boss went up the garden the other week and took half the pods off the peas thinking they were Mange Tout, I wasn't impressed!

  3. Thats so funny. It made me smile. In our eagerness, we allmake these kind of mistakes, at least the mistake is an edible one.
    I'm sure the mangetout will be appreciated.

  4. That's a funny story. 'Are you sure they're not mangetout?'is a great quotation. Enjoy them - they're lovely.

    How convenient is it that the word verification was 'pulso'!

  5. Well I thought they were very tasty, but the kids weren't so keen, so I've left the pods on the plats to fatten up and use as shelling peas instead. The one I tried earlier tasted fine and the daughter is happy again :-)

  6. Mange Tout are actually one of our success stories this year .. keep picking them and I'm sure more will appear.