Monday, 19 July 2010

Hosepipes and Water Meters

I've come home from work early - a trip to the vets needed to remove a tick from the guinea pig's ear. So while the kids are loading him into a box I stroll down to check on my patch of dirt.

"Strange," I think as I approach it. "Someone's watering it."

Then it dawns on me. The kids are behind me in the guinea- pig run. That's the hosepipe! Someone has left it on and the hose has split with the heat and the pressure and there's water spraying everywhere!

A mad sprint up the garden to turn off the tap and I return to survey the damage. The ground is soaking. Fortunately most of the water has gone onto my veg and my squash and sweetcorn are looking very happy.

But that's not the point.

We're on a water meter.

And I'm not looking forward to getting my next water bill.

The guinea pig's fine though and here he is, back in his run, minus tick :-)


  1. No, I wouldn't want your water bill either, but so pleased the guinea pig is well. :0)

  2. Oh no!!! I mean for your hosepipe bursting and you on a water meter! Good grief!!

    But YAY!!! for the lovely guinea pigs!!! Awwww look at them - they're adorable!!

    I hope your water bill won't be so bad - fingers crossed!

    Take care

  3. Your pigs are very cute. Just had to have one of mine to the vet recently - bladder stone surgery. Much more expensive than leaving the water on...

  4. Gave them both a bath yesterday - it's really hot!!

    The veg is flourishing - must have something to do with that extra dousing of water!