Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I arrive home from a weeks holiday and the first thing I do is run down the garden to check on my patch of dirt.

Wow – hasn’t everything grown!!

The runner beans are halfway up the poles – the broad beans pods are a good six inches long (so hubby tells me) and the peas and potatoes are flourishing.

The nettles are doing really well too. Dandelions and hogweed have sprouted from nowhere – How on earth does hogweed get to be so big in only a week? It certainly wasn’t there when I went on holiday! And there’s loads of it!

And that looks suspiciously like bindweed chasing the runner beans up their poles.

Not good!

I like the poppies though so they can stay.


  1. Hogweed and bindweed - for me they are no-nos - seriously not in your lovely vegetable patch! Good luck with the weeding.

    Aww poppies are lovely - I'm so glad they're staying! Take care!
    Hope you had a great holiday and welcome back!

  2. Welcome back from your holidays - all refreshed. Now You better get weeding now. I know its not good, all those weeds - but when is weeding ever done.
    Happy growing.

  3. Well, that's the weeds gone now - for the time being at least - another drop of rain and they're sure to be back. :-)