Thursday, 27 May 2010

Winners and Losers

Some things are doing really well in my patch of dirt - as you can see from these pictures - I've even added one from a different angle this month for you to see my main successes so far - my legumes and potatoes coming on a treat! With a bit of luck I'll be eating peas and broadbeans and maybe some new potatoes in only a matter of weeks!

My parsnips and sweet corn are also doing allright, even though they are still quite small.

But I have also had a couple of resounding failures. My carrots are a disaster! They germinated but now I only have a couple of plants! I've no idea why. Did something eat them? And I have only one cauliflower plant. I put them outside the greenhouse to harden off and the slugs munched them!!! Death to slugs!!! And as for my courgettes and squash - it was really sunny here on Monday and they were sat in the greenhouse while I was at work and when I got home they were all scorched and brown. Anyway, I've planted them out so we'll see what happens.

So to try to fill the gaps I've popped in a row of beetroot and some onions. I'll let you know what happens to them :-)


  1. Oh wow!! Well done with the beans, peas and taters and the parsnips and the sweet corn! That's a whole salad bowl and then some - yum!!! Here's hoping your courgettes will rally forth and that your remaining carrots and cauliflower will survive!

    Now if only you could get a hedgehog to munch at those slugs!
    GOOD LUCK!! Your patch of dirt is no longer that!!! It's a piece of green and healthy heaven!

    Take care

  2. Let me know when you're setting up your stall. You've got a nice veggie stew going on there.