Tuesday, 15 June 2010


My first infestation – and I’d been doing so well!

They’re attacking my broadbeans – all the tender young shoots covered in a mass of black aphids, and they’re starting to creep over onto the runner beans too.

They’re being farmed by ants and I have to admit it’s rather fascinating watching them running up the stems of the plants tending to their herd, while a couple of large ladybird lavae lurk on a leaf nearby, waiting their chance to move in on unattended stragglers – it’s all drama in my patch of dirt.

But, interesting though it is, it’s not doing my plants a lot of good.

I attacked them last night with a spray of water and liquid detergent but it doesn’t seem to have done much good. Perhaps it’s too dilute. I’ll give them another dose this evening with a stronger mix – maybe that’ll be more effective.

Anyone got any good tips for getting rid of blackfly?


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  2. Pinch out the growing tips if you have pods already forming.

  3. Hi I found that spraying weekly with very diluted washing up liquid - about one teaspoon of Fairy Liquid to a couple of litres of water should do the trick

  4. What Simon says it true, in fact what everyone says if true but pinching out the tips cures the problem for sure.

  5. Thanks everyone for you suggestions - the blackfly are now no more :-)

  6. Thanks for the tip on "blackfly"
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