Thursday, 18 February 2010

Paul's Parsnips

"Would you like some parsnips?" says my mate Paul over a cup of tea at work.

Never one to turn down free food I nod. "Yes please."

"All right, I'll bring them up to your office."

When I finally get back to my desk my office mates look up.

"Paul was in looking for you," Nigel says.

"Oh good, did he leave me some parsnips?" I look around. There's nothing on my desk.

"Well he left you something," says Nigel.

He's pointing at a huge sack which has been propped up against my cupboard.

I go over and open it up. It's full to the brim with parsnips - but not any old parsnips. I pull one out.

"Good grief," I say. "Have you lot seen the size of Paul's parsnips? They're absolutely enormous."

I hold one up. It's massive.

"That's a parsnip?" exclaims Nigel. "How come mine are only half the size of that!"

The others snigger.

Definitely a case of parsnip envy!


  1. Oooo-er Missus! I love a bit of parsnip, me!


    Thank you for brightening up my cold grey morning!


    I hope you enjoy your parsnips! You can make chips out of them you know...!

    Take care


  2. Parsnip chips - yum!!

    Some of them have been turned into soup, some are in the freezer and the rest are still in the garage in their sack - at least they store well.

    But all suggestions welcome :-)