Thursday, 11 February 2010

Let's Talk About Poo

Must we?

Yes, I’m afraid so. You see, if I don’t put some decent poo on my vegetable plot I’m afraid I’m going to have a pretty rubbish crop. My soil is really rather poor. It’s sandy and well drained - maybe too well drained. And the sycamores we removed have taken rather too much out of it.

So what it needs is a decent input of manure.

But what kind of poo?

Well I already have a pretty good supply from the two small furry rodents my children keep, and I’ve been composting their bedding for some time now, so that has already gone on to my patch of dirt and been dug in.

But I need more. I need something stronger, more potent, more ripe. I need either cow or horse.

Now getting hold of poo couldn’t be easier. All around people who keep horses have bagged up their poo and are selling it at the ends of their drives.

But I’m a cheapskate. I was born in Scotland and true to form I don’t like paying for anything I can’t get for free.

And I particularly don’t want to pay for a pile of poo :-)

So that shall be my mission for the week.


  1. Hi!!!

    Come over to Herts!

    When I used to ramble alot (proper rambling with Gore-tex and maps, overtrousers and walking sticks (very sexy (not!)) there'd always be tons of poo for FREE left at near enough every farm/stable I'd come across - with lovely signs saying "help yourselves".

    That was about 2/3 years ago mind...

    Could things have changes so much? Charging for manure???

    Good luck

    Maybe a shovel and a bag and walking behing a horse would be an idea...? :-)

    Take care

  2. I remember my mom used to put fish meal in our gardens. We lived in the country and had a huge mixed veggie garden in the back, while most of the front field was for potatoes. That fish meal smelled to high heaven, but I guess it did the trick!

  3. I couldn't agree more Kitty - the things people try to charge you for!!

    Mind you - I think I've managed to source a load of free horse poo - and they'll deliver :-)

    Fishmeal! Boy that must stink!

  4. Tee hee, can't help you at all on the source of poo I'm afraid but thanks for the giggle :-)

  5. Hi Jaxbee - glad I made you smile :-)