Friday, 1 October 2010

October Picture

The harvest is coming to an end. The sweetcorn has been eaten - yummy, and the runner beans are coming to an end - just a few more and that'll be it. Good thing too since some of the poles snapped in the recent winds and the whole lot have collapsed against the fence!

Just a few beetroot ans the winter squash to be fetched in. And last will be the parsnips but they need to wait until we've had a good hard frost!


  1. I am going to die if I see another runner bean. Next year, I am going to make the husband grow more of a variety of veg on his plot ...

  2. Oh things are really slowing down now aren't they? Your garden did so well this first year so it's gonna be even better next year! Yay!! Well done you! Take care

  3. I have an invalid friend who adores parsnips, must bring her round. All the veg. sounds wonderful.

  4. LOL Fran, I know the feeling. Might try some different beans next year :-)

  5. its that time of the year, starting to wind down.

  6. My tiny garden plot has so little to share now, like you some beetroot. but there is still chard and some hardy herbs in pots.

    Time to think about what to grow next year, esp. new veg.

  7. There is nothing like fresh picked vegetables. Until next year.

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