Thursday, 2 September 2010

September Picture

I'm harvesting like mad at the moment - the potatoes are in, the sweet corn almost ready and the runner beans still cropping - the weight of the plants is starting to pull the poles over!

Anyone know any good runner bean recipes?


  1. Wow!!! Look at your fab vegetable plot!!! Wow!!! It's flourishing - well done you!!

    Oooh runner bean recipes... oooh if I find one I'll pass it along - I just remember de-podding old runner beans and having the yummy beans inside (lightly boiled smother in butter!). Yum!

    Take care

  2. Hi Kate,

    Your garden looks great. I used to grow vegetables. It's a lot of work, especially here in Florida in the summer. I once tried growing pumpkins for Halloween and quickly saw the vine take over the backyard. You have inspired me to give it another go. Thanks for visiting my blog. Karen really have some brilliant ideas!

  3. I'd just freeze the runner beans, you may think you have too many now, but you'll be glad of some in November! We have more gourgets than we can deal with, and find that they quickly turn into marrows, with two thirds of the family on a diet we are running out of ideas for these.

  4. Love your garden, Kate. The is the first place we've lived where there's no place for a garden, a bummer. And laughed about the wasp landing in your hub's beer. Your hub reminds me of my hub.

    I'd just blanche the beans in hot water a bit and freeze them, yum.

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm following you now.

  5. Hello all - thanks for stoppiong by and welcome new followers.

    My freezer is filling up with runner beans as we speak :-)

  6. I'm freezing mine too but there is nothing better than green beans cooked in tomatoes. I think it's originally a Greek recipe, very similar to this recipe from Allotment 2 Kitchen (just without the chickpeas):

  7. Oooh, thanks, that sounds scrummy :-)