Monday, 22 March 2010

A Watched Seed...

….never grows!

It’s exciting having a greenhouse – with lots of little trays of seeds sitting there, waiting to grow …. and waiting….and waiting.

Every day when I get back from work I scurry down there to see if anything has happened – will there be any little shoots poking their way into the sunlight?

And then at last….a melon started to germinate – tiny and green…only to shrivel and die two days later. Oh dear. 

But all is not lost. I’ve bought a tray of broad beans from the local hardware store and those will be able to go in soon, along with the peas and the potatoes that are chitting nicely.

And now, at last, something else has started to grow – the first of the runner beans are sprouting, and the cauliflowers too.

So all is not lost – I will have some plants to grow in my plot.


  1. Hoooray!!!!!!

    Runner beans and cauliflowers - yummy!!!

    Well done you - that's the thing with growing from seed - some you win, some you lose but nevermind - you have cauliflower and runner beans!!


    Take care

  2. Hope you have some spare melon seeds - they are not exactly the easiest of fruits to grow!