Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Greenhouse

If I’m going to do this veg plot thing properly I’m going to need somewhere to bring on my seedlings, and that means I need a greenhouse – the kitchen windowsill just isn’t going to be big enough!

So off I trek to B&Q, The forecast says something about snow, but it looks okay, so I’ll ignore that.

And there they are, lots of lovely greenhouses to chose from. They don’t have any glass in stock, but hey, who needs glass!! The frame will do to be getting on with. So, with my new purchases I head back into the car park. It’s starting to snow now, but it won’t stick – will it?

No. I’ve got a far bigger problem to worry about. I drive a fiesta and…err… the greenhouse doesn’t fit!! Rats and bother!! Maybe I should have measured up before buying.

So I try to fit it in at all sorts of different angles. Nothing doing. People are beginning to stare at me and the snow is coming down heavier. I’m starting to feel like a right bimbo – I should be wearing high heels and a short skirt – then I’d look the part too!!

Then the phone rings. “Mum, they’ve shut the school. Come and get me.”

Whaat!!! Oh yes. The snow’s starting to lie quite thick now. I’m stuck in a car park trying to fit a too large object into a too small car and my fingers and toes are starting to freeze.

There’s nothing for it. I have to phone the hubby, drag him out from work to rescue me, and suffer the ritual humiliation of his teasing for the next few months.

Oh well, at least I got my greenhouse. (frame)


  1. Kate you make me laugh! (Plus, I hope you're nice and warm now).
    If you've got gardening in your blood, then it's hard to explain to others (poor, sad people who don't like gardening) that a greenhouse is actually higher up on the ladder of needs than . . . warm clothes!

    Once the show melts, I hope your garden flourishes.

  2. Kate, before you spend your money have you considered a cold frame? I stocked my garden using only a cold frame and an obsession with taking cuttings. Admittedly I haven't grown much in the way of veg, only the odd courgette although I have fruit trees. A cold frame is very versatile and a lot cheaper than a greenhouse, but not so easy to sit in on cold winter mornings!

  3. Prowling in from Nicola's birthday party - I would happily send you some of our heat from Downunder and then you would not need a greenhouse!

  4. Hi

    Oh dear, I hope you managed to get your greenhouse + kids home ok!

    Good luck with your veg garden!! I hope it'll soon be flourishing with good stuff. I've always been told to start with growing potatoes first! I think it has got something to do with loosening the soil or something.

    I rent my place but am lucky enough to have a little bit of concrete patio outside. I filled them with pots and have to date grown tomatoes, strawberries, various herbs and a few lettuce. I bought my seedlings (I cannot grow from seed - I really cannot do all that thinning, potting on etc etc)from wilkinsons (buy 1 get 1 free!, filled pots with compost, put seedlings in compost, ran back inside and let the plants do what they do best! Oh and watered them like crazy. Worked a treat!

    Take care and all the best

  5. Hello, thanks for your good wishes and for stopping by.

    Cold frame is a good idea, but as you say, a bit of a tight squeeze :-)